Why your home isn’t selling

As an experienced listing agent, I can tell you many things you can do that will keep your house from selling. When you list your house with me, I’ll help you avoid them!

My job as a listing agent is to find buyers for my sellers, and I work hard to make that happen. When a house sits too long on the local MLS, buyers and agents alike start wondering what’s wrong with the home (or its sellers). A good agent will avoid that by working hard in any market to find acceptable offers and close a deal.

Why your house isn’t selling

You could be asking too much

Sellers who ask more for their property than the market can support usually end up with their house on and off the market several times, wasting time and money for everyone involved. An experienced agent (that’s me!) can be trusted to get you the highest price possible in the market. We’ll work together to price your home accurately for the current market conditions so you will have a much more pleasant home-selling experience.

You’re selling your home “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO)

There are great tools and resources these days for DIY home sellers wanting to sell their own home, but the fact is, most homes don’t get sold FSBO. “By Owner” listings are notorious for staying a long time on the market, and usually end up with the demoralized owner taking a low-ball offer, or finally listing with an agent at a much lower price.

I work extremely hard for my clients in order to get viable offers on my listings. I know what it takes to get the kind of exposure necessary to bring buyers to the table and close deals. I’ve been doing it for over 30 years right here in the Lake Cypress Springs area!

You’re not presenting your home well

Home staging is important. It’s important to present your home in an attractive manner to your potential buyers, because first impressions are crucial for buyers, who have often seen a lot of similar homes, to remember your property at the end of the day. Home staging can make the difference between getting an offer or not, and it can even make a difference in whether you get your asking price or have to settle for less.

Your agent isn’t marketing your property well enough

It’s not enough for agents just to submit their homes to the local MLS anymore. Real estate is competitive, and requires marketing skills and specialized knowledge to get your home exposed to the maximum amount of buyers.

I will market your home tirelessly in print publications such as the real estate section of the local newspapers, and online media like search engines to get your property the exposure it needs to get quality offers.

There are many other reasons your home may not be selling well. If you have been trying to sell your home yourself, please fill out this form and I can bring my real estate marketing experience to your home selling experience.